Established in 2001, ICO Technologies has been continually innovating and growing over the years. From the very beginning, our company has been recognized for the ingeniousness of its tailor-made solutions designed specifically to address the needs of a broad range of clients. Within this context, ICO became securely positioned as an important player in the web solution design and hosting sector.

Since 2006, we have established a technological development platform based on Microsoft.NET technology called INNOVA. All of our software packages are developed from this framework, and therefore, derive benefits from its numerous functionalities. INNOVA translates into a huge advantage for our clients, since the platform enables us to develop customized and stable management solutions. Additionally, these are easily integrated into our clients' environment, and incorporate a number of advanced features (e.g. statistics and dashboards).

Thanks to the INNOVA platform, ICO Technologies went on to specialize in the development of software solutions aligned with the needs of the following areas:

  • Emergency
  • Security
  • Management

ICO Technologies is now recognized as a leader in its areas of expertise. The organization has hundreds of prestigious clients in the institutional, municipal and government markets, as well as in the small business sphere.

ICO Technologies is headquartered in Quebec, Canada, serving its domestic and international customer base. Our company has close to 50 employees entirely dedicated to the development of its software products and their commercialization.